Wednesday, August 19, 2009

QML fun...

[Once or twice a year, this blogs wakes up... Quite strange, isn't it ?]

Did you see the nice QML demonstrations (Qt 4.6, kinetic...) from the trolls ? These demonstrations are so amazing that I'm already using QML in a project I'm asked for my school... But for this project, I have to be able to display videos, and so far there is no video item in QML.

So here you'll find a really really basic C++ class to implement a QML video item :
- cpp file :
- h file :

These files have no licence header, no documentation of any kind, no comment, no stability test... nothing. It's just some code that may be useful. It contains weirdiness, for sure... But still it is working...

EDIT : The files are under LGPL, copyright me... Is it enough for everybody to use it ? I must admit I seldomly care about such licensing stuff, as long as it's free...

Usage :
- Include the files in your project
- In your QML file, put the following code for instance :
Video {
id: "sth"
source: "/home/moi/test.ogg"
width: 320
height: 180

And that's all for now...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

nVidia driver : at last....

Good news for every nVidia user using the nVidia proprietary driver : most of the problems we had on GeForce 7 and 8 with nVidia proprietary driver seem to have been fixed in the latest nVidia driver release.
It's the release 177.67.

They are still marked as beta, but I think they're worth switching to them.

x86 64 bits :

x86 32 bits :

So every one suffering problems with 2D acceleration problems with nVidia proprietary driver should upgrade as soon as possible...

Thursday, August 14, 2008


<humour>Dipesh, I think I'm gonna sincerely hate you... You know I don't like blogging, I already told you, and despite of this you send blog posts that I have to answer if I don't want to look impolite...
That's a dishonest way of doing things, a treachery.</humour>

So, I won't make the whole history of the page master thing, it has already been described by dipesh, in commits, on koffice mailing list and so on... Doesn't really matter.
The changes we made in the branch have been reviewed by Thomas Zander on Monday, I spent a lot of time to fix every problem reported (mainly unit tests needing upgrades), and also improving the changes, Sebastian did the UI changes. The branch has been merged into trunk today, so it's done : KWord does support page styles.

Else, I started looking at the other KWord problems (not ODF specific). There are a lot of cool things to fix, like for instance cursor blinking (too late, it's done), table support (too late, you're doomed if you try this), working support for variables in headers/footers (if possible without requiring hacks, it's gonna be hard)...

This year, the summer of code ends quite early : on monday, it'll be over. So I'd like to thank my mentor Sebastian (despite his treacherous blog posts), the whole KOffice team, the KDE community and the folks I met at the Akademy (I won't give any name, I'm too bad at remembering names and it would hurt people if I forget them I suppose)...
I do not thank nokia for giving away free N810 to developers and thus killing the wireless router at the Zandpoort Youth Hostel (and I didn't manage to get any N810 :/ too bad, I wanted to port parts of KWord to it).

Well, I think this blog post isn't messy enough to be a good one, but I have no idea to increase the mess.
Ho sure I have things to add.
For instance, I promise I'll do my best to continue working on KWord during the next year. There are so many bugs to fix, features to add...
Too bad, I had other things to add but I forgot them.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

KWord progress : table of content...

Hello world !

The SoC started a few weeks ago, and I'm back for ODF and KWord again.
School is over only since a few days, so I didn't have as much free time as I hoped (and I had some other personal problems to fix first)...
Anyway, here is a screenshot of tonight KWord work : beginning of table of content support.
It's unusable so far, but it's good enough for a screenshot :)
(Of course, the lines beginning with "TOC entry" are automatically generated, else it wouldn't be funny)
Special thanks to dipesh for exploring the KWord/KoText codebase with me :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Test documents needed...

Hi folks

As you probably know, I worked on ODF support for KWord during this Summer of Code.

But now :

Please, send me as many documents as possible. There are probably some features lacking, but I must know what are the main problems remaining.

Send them to me at

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Korganizer with kicker clock applet integration - 2

Hello world

I didn't expect that much answers from my previous blog entry...
What's so special with this clock applet - korganizer integration ? I don't use KOrganizer (my brain is not compatible with such applications : I'm far too messy) so perhaps I'm missing something here...
Thanks to Tobias Koenig for his suggestion about the KDCOPServiceStarter. I didn't know this, and it's quite great. Now the code is far less ugly. So the new patch can be downloaded here. That's the only change I made, sorry I had no time to look at the duration of events.
For the upstream inclusion :
1- I'm not sure there will be a new KDE 3.5 release... I'd prefer a KDE 4.0 sooner if possible.
2- This patch introduces a new dependency in kdebase. If somebody want to look at the weird autotools and make this optional, then perhaps the patch could be accepted, but I'm not sure...
BTW, I'll look at KDE4 tomorrow and forward-port the patch if needed.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Quick and Dirty : clock applet patch for KOrganizer integration


A friend bugged me about the gnome clock applet that had evolution integration while the KDE clock applet doesn't have KOrganizer integration.
So I decided to hack something on it during the night...
The result can be seen here :

As you can see, days with an event have a blue circle for background... Ugly but enough with my graphic abilities. And when you click on a day in the calendar, korganizer opens itself on this day...
The patch is really simple and can be found here :
For the compilation, I tried to understand. Well, I hope I'm not too wrong in the explanations :
1- download kdebase-3.5.7 (may work with another kdebase... may not work... who knows...)
2- extract
3- go into the subfolder kicker/applets/clock and apply the patch (typ : patch -p1 < ~/clock_applet.patch for instance)
4- go back into the "root" of kdebase-3.5.7
5- launch ./configure
6- launch automake-1.9 (or if somebody still has hairs, he can look at this and explain how to do it the right way)
7- since you don't want to waste your CPU to compile the whole kdebase stuff compile with the following commands :
8- cd kicker/libkicker
9- make
10- cd ../applets/clock
11- make
12- make install as root.
Then you can relaunch kicker using the command dcop kicker Panel restart. Et voila...
You've got an ugly-looking integration between Korganizer and the clock applet, with a dependency on kdepim for a kdebase applet... Since kdepim is splitted with kdepimlibs, I hope it has already been done in KDE4... (I don't use korganizer so I didn't test this yet)

Any comment, feature request... can be written here. But don't expect every feature request to be accepted and worked on : I consider this as a waste of time...